KEA Technologies Announces New Testing Accreditation

Independent Testing Lab First Lab to Evaluate Against the SAE J3214 Standard for Zero-Tolerance Breath Alcohol Detection Systems

Littleton, MA – January 11, 2022 – KEA Technologies (KEA), a provider of independent testing services, product development, and engineering solutions, announced today that it is now accredited to test breath alcohol sensors against the SAE J3214 standard. This standard establishes the performance specifications for a zero-tolerance breath alcohol detection system, to reduce the risks of driving under the influence of alcohol.

KEA is well known for its work in testing alcohol detection systems and sensor performance evaluation and is a key partner to the Driver Alcohol Detection System for Safety (DADSS) Research Program’s work on an advanced alcohol detection technology. Engineers, chemists, and data scientists are currently testing the DADSS technology under real-world operating conditions. With accreditation to now test against the SAE J3214 standard, KEA further helps to reduce the risks associated with driving under the influence of alcohol.

“I’m proud of our team’s continued advancements in delivering new innovations to eradicate drunk driving,” said Dr. Bud Zaouk, CEO of KEA. “As the first lab to test against the SAE J3214 standard, we further our footprint as the leading independent testing facility for engineering services and solutions to the transportation industry, as well as others. These are life-saving technologies that we are helping to build and deliver to the market and such advancements have the opportunity to change the world to be a safer place.”

The SAE J3214 standard was specifically developed to provide the testing specifications adopted for applications such as those set by fleet owners, parents with teenagers, and others to whom zero-tolerance alcohol policies are vital. This standard defines the accuracy and precision requirements of the BrAC measurement, as well as the acceptability criteria to test these requirements. Additionally, this standard sets the zero-tolerance breath alcohol detection system performance requirements for ethanol sensitivity, the measurement speed, and the long-term reliability (including different environmental and electrical conditions) required by the system throughout the lifespan of the vehicle.

About KEA Technologies, Inc.

Founded in 2015, KEA is a leader in engineering services, product development, and independent testing services for the transportation and other related industries. In addition to providing a wide array of independent testing out of its lab in Littleton, MA, KEA is a valued product development partner to its clients, helping to identify the root of any testing issues and enable clients to get to market faster, safely. KEA staff have excelled in innovative transportation R&D for the past 25 years and hold extensive subject-matter expertise regarding advanced engineering research, development, testing, and evaluation that has been applied to other industries such as defense and the oil and gas sector. KEA’s team of world-renowned consultants hold expertise in various engineering disciplines and the standards, regulations, specifications, and recommended practices that are pertinent to their fields of expertise. For more information, visit