Dr. Bud Zaouk

Founder & CEO

Dr. Abdullatif (Bud) Zaouk is a scientist, engineer, and visionary committed to engineering innovation that promotes safety, efficiency and a path to next-generation technology. Bud is a serial entrepreneur dedicated to making the world a safer place through technology solutions and engineering services that have a positive impact on the world. He works side by side with his team each day to see this vision through to reality and is a dedicated partner to our manufacturing customers, ensuring they are able to safely accelerate production and time-to-market.

Bud’s principled management and passion for excellence inspire his team to deliver innovative approaches to complex customer problems. An avid mountain climber and outdoor enthusiast, Bud knows that you reach the summit through perseverance.

Always interested in the mechanics of “how things work,” Bud pursued advanced training in mechanical engineering and biomechanics earning his doctorate from the George Washington University. Indulging his passion for research, Bud served as an Adjunct Professor at the George Washington University, Senior Research Scientist at GWU’s FHWA/NHTSA National Crash Analysis, as Test Manager of the Federal Outdoor Impact Laboratory (FOIL) at the Federal Highway Administration’s (FHWA) Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center (TFHRC), and as a Research Engineer at the Ford Motor Company Safety Research and Development Department. Bud honed his managerial bio during his tenure as Director of Surface Transportation at QinetiQ North America.